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Excel Today - Spin the WheelWelcome to Learnit's weekly program Excel Today.Each week we will cover the top trends in office applications and software. We wi....

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In this article you will learn how to create 4 stylish doughnut charts in Excel. These doughnut charts are used to display the KPI metrics. Stylish Doughnuts can be used to in business dashboard or business presentation. Below are the steps to create stylish doughnut charts in Excel- Doughnut Chart-1: Let's say we have. Code. Sub SpinTheWheel () Dim oShp As Shape Dim MyRandom As Integer Dim MyDirection As Double Dim MyGravity As Double Set oShp = ActiveSheet.Shapes ("Picture 1") '*** The picture or shape that you want to spin MyRandom = 12 + (Rnd * 12) '*** this will ensure between 12 and 24 acceleration and deceleration cycles.

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We need to hook it into a formula in cell D2. Click into cell D2 and enter the following formula: =C2 - ( ($F$1 / 100) * C2) Whatever we have in the round brackets will be calculated first. This is to divide the number in F1 by 100. This will get you something like 0.1. This is then multiplied by the value in cell C2..

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Step 2: Assign a Cell to the Shape. - Click on the drawn object and select it. - Click in the Excel formula bar and type the equal sign (=). -Type the address of the cell you want to connect to this shape or simply click on the cell to select it. Make sure you have first typed the "=" (important). Add Tip..

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Download scientific diagram | —Soft delevitation of Dynamic Spin Rig rotor. from publication: Fully Suspended, Five-Axis, Three-Magnetic-Bearing Dynamic Spin Rig With Forced Excitation | The.

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